Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Light Baguio Shopping

I try to travel light as much as possible. Since Baguio City is accessible to us, I told myself I would only buy items that we usually bring home whenever we travel to the City of Pines.

Lengua de Gato
by Tartland Baguio Pasarabo

Like I said on my old post, fellow bloggers and I were given the chance to visit the Tartland Baguio Pasarabo factory. Lengua de Gato has been our usual choice of pasalubong from Baguio, but I admit we never really took note of the brand or label. While we were at the factory, we were able to try Tartland's lengua de gato, and I really liked it. I bought three small containers and Azalea Residences Baguio placed another small container in their gift box for us, so two small containers we ate here at home, the other two we gave to our neighbors.

(Please stay tuned for an in-depth post about our visit to the Tartland Baguio Pasarabo factory.)

Banana Chips
by Baguio Bites

I love banana chips that are crunchy but not really hard to chew. This had the right crunch, the right sweetness, and the right price tag, so I bought three. I consumed them all within days after coming home.

Ube Jam
by Mountain Maid Training Center

My very first taste of the Ube Jam from Baguio wasn't a good experience. Since then, our family didn't dare buy another bottle, but when my parents went to Baguio for a church org conference, their group went to Mountain Maid Training Center, or more commonly known as the Good Shelpherd Convent, and my (late) father then learned the difference between this Ube Jam and those being sold in pasalubong shops. At first taste the family fell in love with it, that no Baguio trip is complete without buying this product.

Just a word of advice - only buy this product at Good Shepherd and not anywhere else, if you want to make sure of its freshness.

Turmeric Tea
by Yamang Bukid

March of this year - during the Session Road in Bloom - mom, sis, and I were walking along the famed road to check different products for sale when a vendor asked if we wanted to taste their turmeric tea. We liked the taste, bought a pack, and it gave mom health wonders. While on the road home from Baler (two weeks before this Baguio trip), we told our companions about the health benefits of this tea that some of my mom's former colleagues asked me if I could buy some for them.

Just at the foot of the Good Shepherd Convent, there were vendors selling different fruits. Seeing a stall selling this tea, I bought three bags, which my mom delivered the day after I got home, hence this old picture.

(Our full testimonial about this product will be on a separate post)

Fresh Lemons

After our group finished shopping at the Good Shepherd Convent, the BnB team asked our driver Lem to take us to the Baguio Public Market. I truly have no intention to buy anything, but when I saw an abundance of lemons, I thought I might as well ask for its price. Actually, prices vary depending on the quality of the fruit, but when a vendor sold these lemons for fifty pesos per half kilo (some sold it for 70 pesos), I decided to buy. Well, just a few days before traveling to Baguio, I bought a piece of lemon at a supermarket for 40 pesos (imagine that), so there was no hesitations anymore.

Choc'O and Milk'O Flakes
by Mikasan

The BnB team also spent time buying well loved Baguio food products, and when I saw this, I remembered fond memories with this products. I knew my sister loves the Choc'O Flakes, while I love the Milk O'Flakes, so I bought the container that contained both products.

Despite the short list of products bought, I was super happy with my purchase. Hopefully, the next time I travel to Baguio I can buy other products. I kinda regret not buying a kilo of fresh lychees for my mom because I knew it would be difficult to carry. Well, priorities will change next time.

*** Jenn ***

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