Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Globe Lumpia House - Raon

Even if my sister is a devotee of the Black Nazarene and would often visit the Quiapo Church (with me sometimes), we only heard about Globe Lumpia House when it was featured on the morning lifestyle show, Kris TV on ABS-CBN. Well, food trip has never been something we don't usually do because we either go there already full, or that we would just eat at the nearby fast food chains after the church visit, so when we heard of this food place, we set up to find it and try it out.

Funny though, we never asked anyone where the store was located and my sister and I actually explored the entire Raon, but we weren't able to find it. Tired and sad, we decided to return to Plaza Miranda to eat at a fast food and that's when we saw the shop - it was basically next to Quiapo Church!

The store is small, and they only offer take-out service. They don't have any tables and disposable plates and utensils, and the only bench provided was for the customers lining up for their turn. If you visit this place on a Friday, be prepared to wait in line.

I am in awe at how fast their staff was! The whole process of assembling a fresh lumpia creates a mess as you can see, but believe me, they tidy things up after finishing one order.

For 18 pesos, each lumpia is very affordable that sister and I ordered six - two for each of us in the family.

Since we were already hungry, sister and I still went to the nearby fast food chain, ordered some food and ate one of our lumpias.

I find it really delicious; I then realized why people would make a beeline to this store and endure the long wait, but I found the garlic a little too overpowering for my taste. Also, the sauce was way too little for the lumpia, but we were lucky that our request for some free additional sauce was granted.

The lumpia wasn't as grand and elaborate as the other Chinese-style fresh lumpia we buy, but it we felt we got more than what we paid for. It was a good tasty treat, and we definitely will buy again - this time with a microwavable container to protect the lumpias while traveling.

*** Jenn ***

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