Wednesday, June 17, 2015

XXXV at Conti's

Our birthday has to be the most special date in our lives, but when I turned 35, I told my sister and mother not to bother with any kind of celebration (on the day itself), because I knew we would travel to Enchanted Kingdom a few days later, and I would rather use our money there instead.

However, just the day after, us three girls went to Trinoma and while we were thinking where to eat lunch, one restaurant came to mind - Conti's.

It has always been a "dream" for sister and I to dine there, because of the many raves we have read and heard about the restaurant. They offer a wide array of dishes, thinking what to eat was quite difficult (such is the case when we dine at a restaurant for the first time), but in the end we chose these -

Chicken Mac & Cheese
Sister's food. She loves mac and cheese, and seeing this on the menu paired with chicken, she thought it was a good value for money - compared to eating "just" pasta and garlic bread. The mac and cheese was okay for me; I am not into this pasta, so I couldn't really say if it was exceptional or not, but I truly did love the chicken. It has a subtle hint of citrus, and the rosemary added more flavor to the chicken.

Roasted Beef Belly
My choice. I actually had a difficult time choosing what to eat, because I am at a point now that I am not really craving one particular food at a time - I usually just go with the flow and eat whatever is served to me. I based my decision based on its first I wanted to order a chicken meal then a seafood meal then this, and this felt like the most practical to eat.

The beef belly is juicy and fork tender, and the serving was big, too. I was able to share some of the beef to my mother and sister, and still had more than enough on my plate for me to eat. I loved the almond pilaf, too, but I wasn't a big fan of the horseradish dressing. I just gently scraped off the dressing and ate my beef belly as is.

Pastel de Lengua
Mommy's choice. At first she only wanted to try their Sotanghon, because a friend once told her it was delicious. Flipping the menu more, she felt this would satisfy her more, and it did! The lengua chunks are tender, the sauce - though not as thick as we expected - was seasoned well, and it did pair well with the Paella rice.

Mango Bravo
Even if it wasn't my birthday, this would definitely be a part of our meal. I have longed to taste this cake, and it was so good, I nearly cried (no kidding). It was love at first taste, truly foodgasmic! I love the different layers that give different flavors and textures to the cake... and because it is still mango season, the mango chunks are very sweet and refreshing. On one hand, I felt bad that this was an expensive cake (160 for this slice), but on the other hand, I felt that it was a good thing for it to be expensive, because if not, for sure I am going to hope to eat it nearly every day. I think I just found my favorite cake.

Overall, we had a great dining experience. The staff are courteous and efficient, and we didn't wait very long for food to be served. If there is one thing I didn't like, it would be the location - because we still had to exit the mall to reach the restaurant. But then... for good food, the extra walk under the heat of the sun was worth it.

*** Jenn ***

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