Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy - #Extraordinarilicious!

Whenever there is something new at Jollibee, we here in the family seemed to want to try it as soon as possible. The glazed fried chicken seemed to be the trend, and I have tasted a few of those, so when Jollibee came up with their own version - the Glazed Chickenjoy, I knew I just have to try it out.

chicken for dinner, book for dessert

My first taste of it wasn't as good as I hoped - it was too sweet for my liking, kinda like eating Chicken Tocino, but there's something in it that I liked, so while the first taste didn't send me to the moon, it was something I am still looking forward to eat in the future. My sister loved it a lot, and told me maybe the one I ate was already cold that's why I didn't appreciate it much. She knows I prefer my soy chicken / glazed fried chicken piping hot.

the book is mine, by the way.

Last Valentine's Day, friends at Jollibee sent me this bucket of Glazed Chickenjoy, and it was great timing because it was lunch time, and my mom and I haven't cooked yet (we just spent VDay at home). It was still very hot, so thinking of what my sister told me about my last Glazed Chickenjoy experience, I said to myself that if I still didn't quite like it while it was still hot, then probably this food and I aren't on the same page.

Well, I loved it the second time around. The sauce wasn't so sweet like it was the first time, it had a good mix of sweet and savory (the classic Chickenjoy flavor is very much present), and it was simply Extraordinarylicious! When I told my sister about it, all she could say was "Now you know you have to eat it as soon as possible." What I loved - the chicken cuts are big, the chicken are juicy and very flavorful on the inside, and that they didn't skimp on the glaze.

I can see my reflection... hahaha.

The gift I received contained these cute IOU Coupons... some already have prints, some were blank, which I could fill out using the red pen. This coupon made me laugh - told my mom "Can I just give you a bear hug instead?" Hahahaha, I am so lazy to clean my room, that's why.

The Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy is now available in all Jollibee stores nationwide, the Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy meal with rice and a regular drink is at 90 pesos, while their Super Value Meal with a side dish of buttered corn is for 102 pesos. If you want to go for sharing, you may go for the bucket meals - 6-piece bucket with 3 rice and drinks is at 378 pesos while the 8-piece bucket with 4 rice and drinks is at 499 pesos. If you want the best of both Chickenjoy worlds, go for the mix of classic Chickenjoy and the Glazed Chicken, so everybody will be happy.

*** Jenn ***

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