Thursday, February 12, 2015

Celebrate Valentine's Day at Max's Restaurant

For many people, Valentine's Day is such a special day. I know, we should express our love every day and not just on Valentine's Day, but... it is like an anniversary - a special day celebrating love. Have you made plans for that day? If you want to provide a sumptuous lunch or dinner with your loveydoves and still save some precious money for other things, I suggest you go to Max's Restaurant, because they are currently offering Meal for Two, where you get to pair --

Max's Fried Chicken (half serving) with Kangkong Stuffed Tofu OR

with Sizzing Tofu...

as well as 2 servings of rice, Iced Tea, and Buko Pandan. Not too heavy, but sure to fill your tummies! Personally, I loved the Sizzling Tofu because I loved the blend of cream and celery, but the Kangkong Stuffed Tofu tasted great, too! This meal is priced for only P525 only, allowing you to save as much as P191.

Now, if you're the type who celebrates Valentine's Day on the actual day, it's just fine. This meal is on offer until the end of February 2015, so even when Valentine's Day has passed and you still crave for the perfect combination Max's Fried Chicken and Tofu bring, you can always come back and have some more.

Hashtag "Forever Alone" on VDay? Why not celebrate with your barkada or with your family? Groups who dine at Max's Restaurant between February 13 and 15, with a minimum bill of 1,500 pesos will get a box of chocolate and caramel bites for free!

Meanwhile, Max's Corner Bakery offers awesome sweet treats for your sweets -

Choco Peanut Butter Cake
a rich and moist chocolate cake, filled with premium peanut butter icing and coated with delicious chocolate frosting.

Peanut Butter isn't one of my favorite flavors, but this cake had a great balance of chocolate and peanut butter, and the chocolate cake was dense yet very moist, just like how I want my chocolate cake to be. It is great to eat this chilled, but I kinda liked my cake on room temperature, with the peanut butter frosting already softened.

White Chocolate Butter Cake
a delectably light and fluffy butter cake garnished with milky white chocolate shavings and topped with rich whipped cream and cherry.

I wasn't able to cut the cake because I didn't want to ruin the heart shape, but inside of this cake is a light cherry frosting - not at all sweet, the sweetness coming mostly from the white chocolate shavings.

These cakes may be small, but just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth, and it's not overwhelming to carry and give - it is actually cute!

If fancy cakes aren't your type, and you just want the simple cake rolls, Max's Corner Bakery now offers a new kind of cake rolls. Before, these rolls just come in single flavors (my favorite is the mango), but because Valentine's Day is usually for couples - they also married two different flavors to create one awesome cake roll pairing! It comes in four flavors - Ube Strawberry, Jelly Pandan, Choco Peanut Butter, and Choco Mocha.

Whether you're single or not, there's something for you at Max's Restaurant this Valentine's Day. These offerings are available on all branches nationwide. For more information, head on to the Max's Restaurant website - or check their Facebook page - They are also on Instagram (@maxschicken)

*** Jenn ***

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