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Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant - Shangri-La Plaza Mall

More and more Pinoys are welcoming the flavors of Japanese cuisine - and lately, it has been part of culinary adventures, attending Japanese-inspired cooking demo and a food trip with college friends at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant in Glorietta before I traveled to Pangasinan to be with my mom and other relatives. While I was in Pangasinan, my ever dearest sister shared to me the images and stories of her own Watami experience, which I am happy to share here on the blog.

Watami - Shangri-La Mall
Watami - Shangri-La Mall Watami - Shangri-La Mall
Watami - Shangri-La Mall

My sister first heard about Watami thru brother and I, and was very jealous that we got to fill our tummies with Japanese food, one of her favorite cuisines. Time and time again, we planned to set a food trip there, but our schedules wouldn't jive, so she was very elated to hear that another Watami branch opened - at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant is all about serving fresh, tasty, and authentic Japanese dishes. From the usual Sushi and Sashimi to the more creative dishes like Clams Cooked in Stone Pot with Japanese-Style Sauce, their menu is extensive and will definitely surprise and tickle your tastebuds with exciting and familiar flavors. From salad to appetizers down to the main course and desserts, Watami got it covered.

For this food trip, my sister tried their Lunch Menu, which offers choices for Rice Meals and Ramen.
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Tempura Rice Set

My sister opted for the Tempura Rice Set, because it was something she already missed eating. As is, it was already a meal for her, but she loved the added extras - miso soup, salad, and noodles, making it a hearty meal. On her tempura rice bowl were two pieces of Shrimp Tempura, a piece of Fish Tempura, and some Vegetable Tempura, providing a mix of flavors and textures.

There are nine choices for the Lunch Menu, with price ranging from 295 to 425 pesos. Each set comes with cold Japanese tea to complete the meal.

Watami Ramen in Special Pork Broth

Another part of their special offering for Lunch is their Watami Ramen Special. Our cousin Marjorie went for their Watami Ramen in Special Pork Broth, paired with a half size of Chashu Rice in Hot Stone Pot. The Watami Ramen Special has three sets, all come with a choice between Chashu Rice in Hot Stone Pot or Salmon Rice in Hot Stone Pot and a glass of cold Japanese Tea. Prices range from 425 to 445 pesos, which is okay, but if you find that expensive yet you still want to savor authentic Japanese cuisine, my sister told me that the Watami Ramen Special is good enough for two people to share - one could eat the ramen, one could eat the rice meal.

Sukiyaki Sukiyaki

Now, if you're with the family or friends and want to share a one pot meal, Watami highly recommends their Sukuyaki, which is cooked right in front of you, to ensure freshness.

Self Grilled Short Ribs Self Grilled Short Ribs

You can also go for Self Grilled Short Ribs, which you can cook on your table (where you can control the doneness of the meat), or let one of the friendly Watami staffs to cook it for you, if you're not confident with your cooking skills and didn't want to ruin the meal.

As I have said, Watami Japanes Casual Restaurant has everything covered. For desserts, you might want to try their Maccha Ice Cream or the Mango Parfait, which I got to taste in my first Watami dining experience. As for the drinks, Watami has a wide range to choose from, including authentic Japanese drinks (sake and soju).

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant is located at the 6th level, East Wing of the Shangri-La Plaza Mall. You may also visit their other branches - Glorietta 2 and SM Mall of Asia. For more information, updates, and appetizing images, please visit their Facebook Page ( and/or their Instagram page (

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