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Krazy Garlik Kraaazy Grubs

Krazy Garlik - Greenbelt, Makati City

I am one of those people who just love garlic, not minding its strong flavor and smell. At home, garlic is an ingredient that we buy in regularly as I just love adding it in many dishes and dips. Among the many restaurants in The Bistro Group, Krazy Garlik was probably the one that caught my attention and have longed wanted to try out their dishes, but its location seem to always hinder me from eating here.

Two days before Christmas, my sister had to do a lot of errands in preparation for our upcoming Cagayan de Oro trip, so for our late lunch / snacks, we decided to try out Krazy Garlik's offering.

Krazy Garlik

It was nearly 3pm when we got there (after a salon appointment at Browhaus), so there were only a few diners, allowing me to take a mandatory interior restaurant picture. Checking their menu, my sister and I were surprised at how much garlic infused dishes they offer. At that time, my sister wanted to try their pizza, but for sure we won't be able to eat it, so we just went for something we could handle.

Newest offering at the Krazy Garlik is the Kraaazy Grubs, a selection of Mexican inspired dishes. We had:

Krazy Garlik Nachos

Krazy Garlik Nachos.
Crunchy nacho chips layered with succulent beef asado, cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes, red onions, and jalapeno.

We have tried different nachos from many restaurants, and for its prize (595 pesos), we already knew serving would be big because among those we tried, this seemed to be the priciest of all. When it was served, we were surprised at just how big the serving was - enough for 6 people to enjoy this appetizer! At first bite, I knew it was the best nachos I have tried because not only was it generous with toppings, the blend of the sauce and the big juicy flavorful beef cuts was also delicious. Halfway through this dish, the wait staff stopped by our table to serve our other order and asked us if we wanted extra cheese sauce and sour cream for our nachos. My sister and I quickly said yes, anticipating an additional charge for the sauces, but when we were handed our bill, we realized the extras were free of charge. Now that's awesome!

Braised Beef Taco

Krazy Braised Beef Tortilla Crusted Taco.
Crusted in Krazy Garlik's own tortilla blend with chipotle sauce in a soft taco shell. Served with garlic rice, aioli, and salsa.

For our other choice, we went for another beef dish (we rarely eat beef at home, so might as well indulge ourselves for this day). Both might be beef dishes, but there was a distinct difference in flavor between this and and the one served in the nachos.

Beef Soft Taco

At first we were wondering why it was served with garlic rice, but when we opened the taco, that's when we realized the answer. It was packed with a lot of beef filling and we had to cut the amount in half, so some we ate with the tortilla shell, and some we ate with the rice. The serving was big, too, so two people can share one plate of this.

For the Tortilla Crusted Tacos, other choices for protein are Chicken and Fish.

The Kraazy Grubs also include Burritos in their selection; flavors for this are Amazing Sisig and Insane Beef.

Popping Boba Drinks

Popping Boba Drinks.
To quench the thirst, we went for their Popping Boba drinks; I went for the honeydew while my sister chose the mocha. This was the glass size, but if you want to enjoy more of it, you may opt to go for the pitcher size.

Tasting what Krazy Garlik has to offer has been a great Christmas gift. It was both our first time to try their food and we were blown away at how delicious their food are. For sure, we will dine here again, but next time we will surely tag our mother along.

To know more about Krazy Garlik (their menu as well as current and upcoming promotions), please check their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Krazy Garlik PH).

Krazy Garlik
2/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Makati City 
+63 (02)501-3752

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