Monday, December 16, 2013

Celebrating Christmas at Max's Restaurant

For three years now, Max's Restaurant hosted Christmas party for their family in the blogosphere, but unlike the first two parties, this year's celebration was different ad more memorable and touching.

Christmas Gift from Max's

I started blogging for Max's Restaurant February 2011, and over the years I have made good friends with people from Max's Restaurant as well as with my fellow bloggers, that each event became a place for us to share stories, laughter, and good times... making us a part of one big happy family. For this get together, we first exchanged a goodie box and our prayers, hopes, and wishes to our fellow bloggers then shared a sumptuous dinner -

Pancit Canton

Pancit Canton

Pancit Luglug

Pancit Luglug

Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpiang Shanghai

...all served in Cater Tray and good to be shared.

Max's Fried Chicken

Of course, a party at Max's Restaurant is never complete without the Sarap to the Bones fried chicken. Umm umm good!

For this Christmas season, Max's Restaurant offers two Holiday food packages

Max's Holiday Meal - Crispy Pata 4 Sharing
Lechon may be too much for small families or small group of friends to devour on, so the best next thing is to have Crispy Pata on the table! This awesome fork-tender goodness is now available for only 399 pesos, giving you a savings of as much as 225 pesos. To complete the meal, you may also opt to go with the Crispy Pata 4 Sharing, comprising of one Crispy Pata, paired with either Chopseuy or Sizzling Tofu, plus rice and any Pepsi product for only 799 pesos.

Holiday Party Package
For bigger groups, Max's Holiday Party Package is just the perfect choice. Good for 10 to 12 people, this package is made up of: 2 whole servings of Fried Chicken, Lumpiang Shanghai Cater Tray, a choice between Pancit Luglug or Pancit Canton Cater Tray, and 12 pieces of Max's Corner Bakery Ensaimada. Available for take out or delivery, this Holiday Party Package can be availed starting today, 16 December 2013 until 05 January 2014 for only 2,199 pesos.

Holiday Chocolate Cakes

For dessert, we were served the Max's Corner Bakery Holiday Chocolate Cakes - {clockwise from top} Salted Caramel Tableya, Choco Moist, Triple Treat, Toffee Torte, and Choco Merengue Delight. I tasted each of the cakes, and I personally loved the Choco Moist the most.


This year has been a very tough one for the Philippines. After the war in Zamboanga, it was followed by a typhoon that hit the same province, then an earthquake in Visayas, and one super typhoon, which also hit the Visayas region. It was so devastating that relief efforts were launched worldwide. The Max's Group of Companies took part of this, but instead of collecting donations, they launched HOPE #BeStrongPhilippines, encouraging diners to share their donations thru the Philippine Red Cross, which had the capacity to collect and distribute donations collected.

Last year, the Christmas Party hosted by Max's Restaurant was made up of dinner, followed by the Bloggers Got Talent and a raffle. This year, as much as we all have to move forward and carry on with lives, the essence of Christmas is by sharing, so instead of hosting another videoke night with raffle, Max's Restaurant decided to donate the amount intended for this party to the Philippine Red Cross in behalf of their blogger friends. This was a very touching thing for them to do. Personally, just having a time shared together - regardless of what food we eat - is already enough to make it a great Christmas Party, but because Max's Restaurant thought of their blogger friends and donating some money on our behalf made this party a truly memorable one.


Before we left, we were given a HOPE T-Shirt as well as 2014 Calendar. My sister and I attended the event so each of us received these gifts, but when we got home, mom liked the shirt so much that she borrowed sister's shirt so we can have a picture together.

Christmas season may be a busy one for us, so if you think preparing dishes can be a little overwhelming for you, do know that Max's Restaurant is always ready to cater for your Christmas Party, Noche Buena, and Media Noche needs!

For more details, please check or their Facebook page.

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