Monday, November 19, 2012

Oodles of Noodles

Oh wow, it's Monday once again! Time flies so fast lately. :)

My weekend wasn't that eventful, although I was able to do my laundry and clean the bedroom again, as well as dispose some items in the bathroom. Anyway, this is my food blog, so let's just talk about food from the last weekend.

Last Friday, we had quite a lot of food at home. Brother cooked two dishes for dinner and our next door neighbor sent this plate of Pansit with Lumpiang Shanghai because the eldest kid in their house celebrated his 7th birthday. Since I was in La Union, I have been eating Pansit almost everyday, which I am liking a lot! I guess not eating Pansit for quite a long time before my last travel caused me to crave for it.

Speaking of Pansit, when mom got home, she handed me a bag of food. She told me she and her friends had dinner at Savory and she took home the food they weren't able to eat. In it were two kinds of noodles - Pansit Lomi and Pansit Canton as well as some chicken. She also had a box of Jollibee Chickenjoy, which was given to her by a friend. Yum yum!

Saturday afternoon, sister told me she won't come home 'til Monday (she's home now), so I cooked Spaghetti for us to share before she left. Nothing fancy - just ground pork and hotdog in spaghetti sauce. Sometimes, sis and I are like that when we crave spaghetti... no need for a whole lotta ingredients; it's the spaghetti noodles that counts. :)

Here's to hoping we'll all have a great week ahead.

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Jenn, the Foodie

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