Monday, November 12, 2012

Free KK Donuts and Coffee

Last Saturday, brother and I attended the launch of the Madagascar Christmas Adventure in SM Fairview. We were there quite early, and the people inside the grounds (not all were allowed to come in) were treated to some snacks courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme Booth KK Coffee and Doughnuts

Of course, brother and I went to the booth to get our share, as it would be brother's first taste of KK doughnuts... and my last taste was eons ago. :) I am not a big fan of brewed coffee, but because I was feeling flu symptoms that time, I truly loved the feel of sipping piping hot coffee. I felt guilty though, as I put two sachets of sugar on my cup. :)

Each bag contained two doughnuts inside. Brother and I didn't eat our doughnuts at the event, we decided to "take it home," but when mom and sister arrived at the mall later that night (so the family can go eat dinner together), I gave sister my bag of doughnuts, which she and mom shared. The next day, I took one doughnut from the other bag and gave brother the last piece.

KKK - Krispy Kreme Kid! :)

A picture I just like to share. Before we learned about the Krispy Kreme booth, one KK staff roamed around to distribute paper hats for the kids. Unfortunately, he didn't give me one because 1) obviously, I am not a kid anymore, and 2) I didn't tag along any kids for the event (I don't have a child yet). Thankfully, while waiting for our turn at the booth, I asked brother to take a picture of me next to the penguin (a character from "Madagascar"), and when another staff saw me, she handed me one paper hat to complete the look. '

Simple joys!
...and I kept the hat, actually.

May we all have a great week ahead.

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