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Last weekend, after coming home from my short trip in Divine Mercy Shrine, I attended a children's party. It's the birthday of 'te Indang, our neighbor. She celebrated her 39th birthday on 02 September, but they had the celebration 30 August. It was a children's party, yes... because of an accident when she was still a baby, her mind is as if she's only 7 years old. Well, she's not really that immature - she can do a lot of things adults can do, there were just some instances that you might not be able to understand her way of reasoning.

Anyway, since it's a children's party and most of the guests were kids, they prepared all sorts of foods that would appeal to kids - including this one: hotdog on stick with marshmallow. Actually it's more of a hotdog with marshmallow on a toothpick, hehehe... It's cute to see these small hotdog balls - I didn't know there was a new kind of hotdog, last thing I saw were the cocktails, which was a smaller version of the regular hotdog.

But this was a big hit in the party. I, too, loved it in the sense that I can eat it in one bite (taking out the toothpick first, of course)... and it was just then that I realized that hotdogs and marshmallows tasted good when eaten together. One salty, the other sweet. Delicious!

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iska said...

Hehehehe patok parati ito sa kiddie parties. Love it, too,

Lynn said...

Ang bilis kainin, small but juicy. :)

Jay - agent112778 said...

di mo pa pala nakita sa grocery ang hotdog balls :( cant blame you di naman kasi maraming stock eh

my entry is here

magandang araw ka-lasa-ista :)
Salamat sa pagbisita :)

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