Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bagnet 80605 (Vito Cruz, Manila)

Last Friday, I met up with bookish friends Eunice and Cath to pick up our books from Gie. Before we went to Gie's work place, we had lunch at Bagnet Eighty Sixty Five first.

Located near De La Salle University, this house-cum-restaurant mainly offers Bagnet dishes (obviously), but they also offer a few fish and chicken dishes.

The place is small, but I like the vibe inside - it felt like eating at home. Also, the noises of the diners made eating more fun and pleasant, in my opinion.

*photo grabbed from eunice*

We settled for a table near the window, and because both Cath and Eunice have already eaten here before, it was I who had to really choose what to eat. Truth be told, it was difficult to choose which to order because even if their menu was short, they seem to have chosen good dishes to pair with bagnet.

Original Bagnet (budget meal)
Cath's meal. First impression was the amount of food on the plate. This may be a "budget" meal, but it sure was more than what I expected.

Kare - Kare Bagnet (budget meal)
Eunice and I chose the same meal. At first I wanted to try the Bagnet Dinuguan, but I didn't bring anything to clean my teeth, and the idea of having vegetables to pair with bagnet seemed to lessen the guilt.

At 120 pesos, this sure was a good meal to satisfy one's tummy. Though the kare - kare sauce was a little sweet for my taste and that I found it weird that there was okra and bell pepper on my plate (most of the vegetables were under the bagnet), it was a good dish overall. The bagnet was very satisfying - it was cut into big chunks and had a good proportion of meat and fat. Also, the meat was tender and easy to chew, and the pork skin was crunchy, much to my delight. It was a little sad that I am very unsure when to eat here again, but should my feet take me to this side of Manila again, I might probably try their dinuguan or their Bagnet Sinigang.

This food trip made me think about cooking my own bagnet dish. Biggest problem would be the guilt of cooking and eating Bagnet for everybody knows it is high in calories and cholesterol, but maybe a few months from now, I might indulge myself and the family with a Bagnet dish.

The only negative thing I could say about the place was that the smell of the kitchen clings to the clothes, but a splash of cologne is enough to cover it up.

Bagnet 80605 is located in Leon Guinto corner Estrada Streets in Manila.

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