Saturday, February 13, 2016

Miscellaneous January Food Pics

This week was quite a blah for me, because I had to endure a whole lot of sneezing every day. Worst day was last Thursday, but since yesterday, the sneezing lessened, though I am now experiencing itchiness around my eyes and forehead. I really should be taking anti-histamine, but I don't really like taking meds.

Anyway, I haven't tried any new recipes and we haven't been to any food trips lately, so in an effort to update this blog, I decided to just share some food pictures I have on my phone. Now, most of these weren't plated or composed well; I took these pictures mainly to remember the day by, or to share to my sister who is usually not eating dinner with mom and I.

>>> On the second day of 2016, my sister and I went to Quiapo Church, then to SM Manila after, where had snacks at Starbucks so she could finally claim her 2016 Starbucks Planner. It was my first time to try their Corned Beef Pandesal, and though it tasted like any ordinary pandesal filled with corned beef, but I liked the idea of these three pandesal joined together.

>>> My sister and I bought chicken and requested mom to cook Arroz Caldo for dinner. However, when we got home, mom already cooked something for dinner, but the next day, she surprised us by cooking it for our breakfast. Thank you mommy.

>>> Every once in a while, I would join my mom for lunch before she watch a movie (Senior Citizens has the privilege of watching free movies every Mondays and Tuesdays). For this particular day, Chowking didn't have any chicken available (I planned to order my favorite Chicken Lauriat), so went for this serving of Wanton Noodles with its perfect pair - Asado Siopao.

>>> Another surprise - eating Adobong Pusit! I couldn't recall the last time I ate this dish and it was so good to eat something I haven't eaten for a long time.

>>> Toasted Siopao isn't a new food for us, though I have my own preference - the monay kind of bread with asado filling. One time, sister gave mom and I a toasted siopao each, and it tasted really good, I thought she bought it from a well known bakery. She told us she just bought this at a roadside bakery for a cheaper price.

>>> When the girls and I went to unwind at ACE Water Spa, we also decided to stay overnight at a nearby hotel. I woke up not feeling good the next morning, so it was just sister and mom who went to hear the mass. Receiving a text from my sister, I requested a cup of coffee and fried chicken. My sister truly knows my favorites, because even if she was already at 7-Eleven the time she messaged me, she knows I love Mini Stop fried chicken meal and bought it for me. I truly have a sweet sister.

>>> My sister usually stays at her best friend's house for a few days. One time, her best friend and her family were busy finding a house to rent, and knowing they would pass by our place, she decided to buy this small bilao of Pancit Malabon for mom and I. I really, really love this particular Pancit Malabon because it was the oily kind (not the saucy kind).

>>> Our neighbor celebrated his birthday and they gave mom and I this plate of food to share. Yum yum!

>>> Mom saw these shells at the nearby market and thought she'd cook it for our meal, paired with fried fish. Needless to say, we had a very hearty meal that day.

>>> I saved a few uncooked shells because I wanted to try Pasta ala Vongole. This was just a trial dish, because I lacked some ingredients, but even if I cooked this using the ingredients I have on hand, this turned out really good. I will surely recreate this dish and give it a proper spotlight here on the blog soon.

>>> Another lunch date with my mom, and it was a funny experience because when she saw that Jollibee had something new on the menu (Jolly Super Meals), she immediately placed an order for one - Chickenjoy + Rice + Spaghetti + Lumpiang Shanghai + Sundae + Softdrinks. Good thing I only ordered for their Palabok / Chickenjoy meal, because while we were eating, mom started transferring some of her food to my plate, so in the end I ate more than her. What's funnier was that my meal, as simple as it's like was more expensive than her meal. Yeah.

>>> My sister and I were supposed to make Crema de Fruta for media noche, but decided not to. Well, this wasn't something that made "from scratch," we used the store bought Inipit bread, and seeing that it was about to expire, I decided to try and make it. Despite the shortcut, this wasn't a perfect dish as I didn't cut the Inipit bread in half, therefore the cake layers were too thick. I promise I will make this again and maybe bake it from scratch next time.

>>> I love this kind of seaweeds. I prefer the ones found in Bolinao as it was bigger and had more flavor, but even if this was on bland side, I still love eating it with fried fish. Dinner, solved!

>>> Last December when the girls and I attended a Christmas Party at my sister's best friend's house, we got to meet Melanie, a home baker who has already made money with her baked goods. On that day, she brought a few packs of Chocolate Chip Cookies, but we weren't able to taste it, so my sister placed an order for a pack of 10 cookies, and gave it mom and I as her pasalubong. It truly tasted good - no baking soda aftertaste, and I seriously wanted to ask her for the recipe so I could try and bake it at home. Of course that would be an embarrassing request, so for now we will just buy cookies from her.

>>> When we traveled to Tagaytay, we already had a heavy lunch, so for dinner, we didn't try and find other restaurants, we just went to Sky Ranch and ate dinner at KFC. We don't really consider KFC as a favorite, favorite, but we do find some comfort eating their chicken.

If I do have allergy, I hope I will get rid of it soon, so I won't feel lazy trying out new things. 'til next time, thank you for visiting the blog.

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