Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekend Eating at Manang's Chicken SM Fairview

Manang's Chicken - SM Fairview

My sister and I anticipated the opening of Manang's Chicken at SM Fairview, but it was just last Sunday that we finally got to go out and enjoy our favorite double deep fried chicken with soy garlic sauce.

Manang's Chicken and Spaghetti Meal

Chicken and Spaghetti Meal
It was very early to eat dinner, so I just went for the chicken and spaghetti meal. I chose the mild spicy sauce and it was a little spicier than what I remembered, and it surely went well with the slightly sweet sauce of the spaghetti. If there was one thing I was sad about, it would be the amount of serving of the spaghetti - either it was little, or I liked it so much that I ate it quite fast. I had lemonade as my drink :)

Manang's Chicken 2 Piece Chicken

Two-Piece Fried Chicken Meal
My sister got home early that morning and went to bed right after and it was already mid-afternoon when she woke up, totally not able to eat breakfast and lunch. I guess she was so hungry that she went for the two-piece chicken, also with the mild spicy sauce.

As soon as the meal was served, my sister thought the rice had a small serving. Recalling a food trip we had at Manang's Chicken late last year, the restaurant introduced a bigger rice serving and she was sad that it went back to the small rice serving. The thing was, the rice serving might be small, but they now offer unlimited rice, so the initial rice serving doesn't matter anymore... as one could have as much rice as they want.

Also, we found out that on two-piece (or more) chicken meals / packages, the customer has the privilege to choose different sauces - one opt to have a mix of the original or mild spicy or the extra spicy sauce.

Potato Chips

Large Potato Chips
This is a staple whenever we eat at Manang's Chicken, and was served as soon as we placed our orders, so this became our appetizer, if I can call it that. As usual, we went for the Mayo Garlic and Cheesy Cheese dips because we just love combining these two dips for our potato chips.

Red Velvet Sundae

Red Velvet Sundae
Another one of my sister's usual order. She just love the contrast between the warm cake and cold sundae and the texture and the feel of the cake in the mouth.

Free Sundae Cone!

Free Sundae Cone
For a limited time, Manang's Chicken SM Fairview is offering free sundae cone for rice meal orders amounting more than 100 pesos, and because my sister ordered the Red Velvet Sundae, I ate the free sundae cone. Sweet!

Ultimate Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Ultimate Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Something sister took home. Like I said, it was early to eat dinner that time, so she decided to take home this sandwich or her to eat for late dinner. She ate this around 9pm and loved it a lot because the sauce soaked up the chicken good, the way she liked her Manang's Chicken to be.

The overall dining experience was great. As with every Manang's Chicken outlet we visited, we were treated with respect and bubbly friendliness, which made us love this restaurant more and more.

Manang's Chicken at SM Fairview is located at the lower ground floor, near Dulcinea and Office Warehouse.

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