Saturday, February 19, 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 7

When I decided to do Foodie 365, I thought it would be a very easy thing do - I mean, I do eat three meals a day, and on some days I also eat snacks... so on the average I have four chances to take my picture. On Week 7 I realized a problem about doing this project if you're home based: thinking of what to take pictures of when you have already shared the food.

I don't eat out that often (I am lucky if I can do it once a week), and testing different recipes seemed to be a bit impossible to do everyday. Here in our house, we normally eat a dish twice or thrice a month, and just for this week, we have cooked three dishes which I already shared for this project before.

Thankfully, I was able to still find a way to resolve it. :)

Foodie 365 - 43/365

Foodie 365 > 43/365 - Ginisang Munggo
12 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Brother cooked this for dinner. Cooked just like most people cook their munggo (mung beans), the only difference is that brother added coconut milk to this dish. I didn't like it that much - I still prefer the one without - but it was good, too.

Foodie 365 - 44/365

Foodie 365 > 44/365 - Ginisang Upo
13 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Mom bought this oh-so-big upo (bottle gourd) from a vegetable vendor walking around the neighborhood, so I decided to cook half of it for dinner. A very simple dish, but mom told it was delicious, so I was a happy cook that day. :)

Foodie 365 - 45/365

Foodie 365 > 45/365 - Chicken Afritada
14 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Another dish that I cooked. One of our cousins is living with us for the next two months, so we (brother and I) really had to make sure there's food on the table during meal times. I wasn't feeling enthusiastic to go to the market, so I just cooked something already available in the pantry and fridge.

I don't know if this is the real way of cooking Afritada, but I grew up thinking chicken with tomato sauce and potatoes is already called Afritada. Whenever we eat this, we also add grated cheese (but not added in the main dish - we just grate cheese directly in our plates), and even if it was a simple dish, sis and I loved it.

Foodie 365 - 46/365

Foodie 365 > 46/365 - Pork Ribs Sinigang
15 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Whenever we wanted to eat pork ribs, we always do the market shopping in the morning, because it is very rare to see pork ribs after 9am in the market. When I went to the market this afternoon, I wasn't really aiming to buy ribs, but when I saw some in one of the meat stalls, I quickly bought it and bought some ingredients for sinigang (sour broth). I do love my sinigang super sour, but my family isn't into very sour foods, so I gave this dish a good balance. I just set aside a serving for me and added some calamansi juice to it.

Foodie 365 - 47/365

Foodie 365 > 47/365 - Macaroons
16 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Our goodie box from the Max's Corner Bakery event had lots of foods, and these macaroons were some of it. These were the first ones to expire (20 Feb), so I decided to open up the box and serve it as desserts. It was so delicious, that the family was able to eat all of the macaroons that night.

Foodie 365 - 48/365

Foodie 365 > 48/365 - Caramel Bar
17 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

The next food in the box to be opened was supposed to be the Food for the Gods (as it will expire 21 Feb), but mom opened the box of Caramel Bars, so we went to eat it. I have always loved Max's Caramel Bars.. it was a great dessert to end the meal.

Foodie 365 - 49/365

Foodie 365 > 49/365 - Boston Creme Donut
18 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Sister went out with friends the night before, and when she got home this morning, she handed us a plastic of Dunkin' Donuts. It had two Boston Creme donuts inside - one each for brother and I. Actually, sister bought this for herself, but she drunk so many alcoholic drinks from the night out with friends that she felt bad the whole day, she didn't want to add more discomfort by eating chocolate laced donut, so she just gave it to us.

This, by the way, is the bigger size donut (p20 each). I do love Boston Creme, but this one had too much chocolate, so I scraped off all the chocolate after one bite. I realized, too, that a donut this size is difficult for me to eat, so after eating half of it, I gave the rest to brother.

Hopefully, week 8 will be a little optimistic. I guess there will come to a point that I might encounter familiar foods, so I think I will just have to take picture of it, never minding if I have already taken a picture of the same dish before.

*** Jenn ***

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