Thursday, February 17, 2011

Late Lunch, Early Dinner

Reyes Barbecue
2nd Level, UP Ayala Land TechnoHub
Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City
13 June 2010

UP Ayala Techno Hub

My back was hurting really bad that day, but when I received a text message from Nathalie asking about our scheduled photo walk, I decided to fix myself to meet up with her. We met at the Sidcor Weekend Market in its former location in the grounds of Lung Center of the Philippines, then made our way to La Mesa Eco Park. Late afternoon, we decided to go to the UP Ayala Land Techno Hub, and realizing I still haven't anything since we met, she suggested we eat early dinner.

There were lots of food places to choose from, but both of us were on a tight budget. Seeing there's a branch of Reyes Barbecue here, it became our choice for that day.

Reyes Barbecue - UP Techno Hub

As what was written in their official website, it was in 2003 when Francisco "Frank" Reyes (son of Teresita "Mama Sita" Reyes) decided to convert his franchised Aristocrat Restaurants to Reyes Barbecue outlets. It became a hit to the Pinoys and two years after, he and his brother formed a partnership to open Reyes Barbecue for franchise. They now have about 40 branches, and the company is still growing.

Dining Area

Like most branches, this one also had the same motif and fixtures. It was still quite early for dinner, so there weren't much people, but Nathalie and I decided to sit by the window so we can have good natural lighting and that we could also see the view.


When I first at a Reyes Barbecue branch in 2007 (picture HERE), there weren't that much food choices. Now I am really amazed to see new foods, while keeping the staple favorites. I have come to like their pork and chicken barbecue...

Grilled Bangus

Grilled Bangus (p105). ...when Nathalie ordered their grilled bangus, I decided to go for it, too, because I still haven't tasted it. It was good - the marinade was just right, and although I got the tail part (not my favorite), I was happy that it was boneless and that it still had a big belly part. :)

{Writing this post I realized, I should've chosen a different food item so we could have more pictures. Hahaha}


Pork Barbecue (p40 / stick). We also went for a stick each of their pork barbecue. Personally, I feel p40 per stick is quite expensive, but given the fact that it had lots of lean meat and that their peanut sauce was delicious, I figured I was just having my money's worth.

Their peanut sauce probably is one of the reasons why their barbecue is well loved by many. Actually, diners can purchase a bottle of peanut sauce. Well, they might not able to copy the exact taste of their barbecue, but with the peanut sauce, it's already having the next best thing. :)

*** Jenn ***

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