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A Not So American Lunch

Buckaroo's Grilled Pizza, Burger & Steaks - SM City Fairview
12 June 2010

It was a holiday and a weekend, so it was time for the family to have another food trip before doing the grocery. We wanted to do what we had to do as early as possible, so we decided to do it during lunch time. Mom checked something in Ace Hardware first, so we just checked the restaurants in the area.

Buckaroo's - Facade

Our choice was Buckaroo's, and yes, we thought it was a bit funny that we were eating at an American themed restaurant on the day the country was celebrating its Independence Day. Well, I did suggest we eat at Mexicali, but brother found their prices a bit outrageous, so we just went here.

Buckaroo's - Dining Area Buckaroo's - Dining Area

Buckaroo's - Dining Area

Checking the dictionary, "buckaroo" means a cowboy of the vaquero tradition of the Great Basin and California region, particularly one skilled in the handling of horses. That being said, the theme of this restaurant is cowboy, and although they didn't have the saloon style doors, the fixtures and embellishments inside the restaurant pretty much live up to its theme.

Cowboy Hats

Near our table, I saw these cowboy hats, and I didn't know it back then, but guests can actually borrow the hats for some pictures. Acck, I should've tried that! Anyway, the foods we had were:

Sizzling Hungarian Sausage

Smoked Sausage Sizzler (p158). Brother's choice. He's a rice person, and among the few rice meals they had, he chose this. There were different choices for the sausage, but brother went for the Hungarian Sausage. Obviously, it tasted like regular Hungarian Sausage available in the market, but it was a bit peppery, which made it more delicious.

Seafoods in Olive Oil and Garlic

Seafoods in Olive Oil and Garlic Pasta (p215). Mom's choice. It was wonderfully plated actually, but mom mixed it right after it was served, so the toppings were already under the spaghetti. Mom just placed back the parsley after I told her I still have to take a picture of it. Hahaha.

Seafoods in the pasta were squid slices and prawns, and although mom complained about it having only 2 pieces of prawns, it was really delicious. Mom was actually raving about it as she ate it, kept on asking us to taste it, too, after a mouthful. The garlic were pickled, which gave a very distinct flavor in the pasta. I am a big fan of oil based pasta, so this one got my thumbs up. :)

Chuckwagon Burger

Chuckwagon Burger (single patty - p135). I wasn't that hungry that day, so I just went for the burger, after all, this was an American themed restaurant. This was their version of Bacon and Cheeseburger, but as you can see, it didn't have cheese in it. I actually wanted to question them about it, but I decided not to. It tasted okay for me, but I felt it was a bit small for its price; good thing the patty was a bit thick.

Buck's Ultimate Pizza

Buck's Ultimate Pizza (8" - p150). The one who took our order was suggesting we try their pizza, and since I went for the burger, I asked if it was okay for us to have the smallest pizza so we can get to taste it, too. I chose this one, because it had some of my favorite toppings. I wasn't a big fan of the thin-crust pizza, so even if this had my favorite toppings, I didn't find it really delicious. The crust was a bit hard, the pizza sauce tasted like wood, and I realized an 8 inch pizza was way too small for a pizza. Hahaha.

Hmmm... this was an American themed restaurant, but 75% of the foods we had were European (Hungarian and Italian). I was 50-50 with their foods, taste wise, but I loved how efficient their staffs were. They were very friendly and quick to refill our glasses with iced tea.

Currently, the Buckaroo's branch in SM Fairview is closed. I am not sure if it already closed, or they were just doing some renovations (since the stall wasn't occupied by a different tenant), but should you want to eat at Buckaroo's, they have another branch at the Ground Floor of Pacific Center Building - Amethyst Street, Ortigas Center in Pasig City.

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