Sunday, November 30, 2008


As I bloghop early this week, I came across another food meme and thought it would be nice to fuse Filipino with Malaysian - a nice way to introduce some of Filipino cuisines to the world. =) Since Yummy Sunday doesn't have any theme for the foods posted, I just decided to join the meme and use LaPiS' themes as my guide.


This week's Lasang Pinoy Sundays theme is "SiLog" - Sinangag and Itlog (fried rice and egg). For foreign readers, fried rice and egg is a typical Filipino breakfast, and although the rice and egg can already pass up as a meal in itself, oftentimes Filipinos still add something to that. The added food in the dish are mostly processed meats like hotdogs and hams, but sometimes we also use marinated or dried fried fish.

My choice of SiLog is the LongSiLog - Longganisa Sinangag Itlog (sausage, fried rice, and egg). When I was invited by my friend DeeJay to party because it was his last day of Bar Exams last September, the hotel served us this dish for breakfast. It was still way too early for breakfast - 5AM if I am not mistaken - because he had to be in De La Salle University at 6AM in time for the exams.

I liked the dish, although I didn't eat the yolk because it wasn't firm. I don't like the look, smell, and taste of runny, gooey egg yolks.

*** Jenn ***

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shrimp Gambaretti

Inspired by my brother's street food series, I decided to do my own food series for my Food Friday entries. I am not doing street foods - well, not until he is done with it, but from here until I shared it all, I will show pictures of foods from my recent 10-day holiday with my friend K.

Shrimp Gambaretti

K decided to have a late dinner on our first day of holiday. I already had the microwave penne dish from 7-11 a few hours ago, so I just accompanied my friend to the dining area of Las Palmas Resort in Malate, Manila where we stayed at. K chose this dish - shrimp gambaretti because the menu said, "the hottiest shrimps in town." or something to that effect. The word "Hottiest" was what got K interested about it, and sarcastic as we may seem, we were laughing all throughout the meal.

I had a taste of the dish, and it was indeed hot, or I should say, "hottiest." It didn't burn my tongue, but it did make my throat itch and a little irritated. Nevertheless, it was a great tasting dish, perfect with rice!

*** Jenn ***

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

5 for Wednesday - 102608


1. What food are you craving right now?
>>> Shrimp Tempura. I can't cook it, so when brother comes home, I will ask him to cook some for me.

2. Which fast-food chain serves the best Chicken?
>>> For me it's KFC. I love their hot and crispy chicken, and their gravy's the best!

3. What type of meat do you generally prefer?
>>> Pork meat, belly.

4. Do you save the packets of condiments that come with take out food for later use?
>>> Yes, especially the ketchup packets.

5. Are you the type that can freely put a lobster in boiling water and not feel any guilt?
>>> I still haven't tried that.

*** Jenn ***

S = Sbarro

Sbarro Trinoma

There is this forum that I always visit, and in one of the threads, I mentioned that I am craving for Sbarro spaghetti with meatball. Another member of the forum read it and sent me a personal message, and he invited me for a lunch date at Sbarro. He is a nice person, so I went with it.


Blueberry Cheesecake

We met last 13 September at the Trinoma Mall. True to his word, he did order what I wanted to eat... and more! Aside from the spaghetti with meatball, he also ordered a deep dish pizza slice for us to share, but he put more on my plate than on his plate, and to cap it off, he ordered a slice of blueberry cheesecake for our desserts.

Sadly, busy schedules made us apart and we are not communicating anymore. Last I heard he was at his mom's hometown in Laguna. Anyway, to you Vince, thanks for the treat!

*** Jenn ***

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

McDo Watermelon Float

Watermelon Float

Whenever there is this big time animated movie, McDonald's would always have a special menu to celebrate the showing of the movie. I remember one time they did chicken nuggets with wasabi dip for Shrek. This time, with the showing of Madagascar 2, they announced the return of "Shake Shake Fries" with watermelon float.

From the baptism celebration we attended, sister and I decided to stop by a mall to check if they have the software disc for MS Office (because our PC was reformatted and the CD-ROM cannot read our MS Office software disc). We were able to buy the disc, and before going home, sister asked if we could pass by McDonald's because she was craving for some fries. I have been wanting to order their Madagascar Meal because I want to share the watermelon float for Ruby Tuesday, so she and I immediately went to the fast food chain.

We both had the cheese Shake Shake Fries. The float was good, but once the sundae was mixed with the Sprite and watermelon syrup, the drink wasn't sweet anymore. I guess the next time I will have this, I will scoop out the sundae first. Hahaha. My sister and I ate the food at the bus (because the mall was far from where we live and we wanted to come home as soon as possible), and while eating, we were singing the Madagascar 2 song, "I like to move it, move it..."

*** Jenn ***

Monday, November 24, 2008

Breaded Pork Lauriat


Breaded Pork Lauriat

Whenever we go out to eat at Chowking, I would always order their shanghai lauriat, because I think it had everything I wanted in a Chinese-style meal. Last Saturday, sister said she's craving for some Chowking, so we went there to eat lunch. I noticed that they had two new sets of lauriat dishes, and I wanted to taste what the new dish is like, so I had the breaded pork lauriat.

It was a little cheaper than my usual shanghai lauriat, and sadly, I wasn't at all satisfied with it. The pancit canton (stir fry noodles) lacked other ingredients and the serving was so small, and the pork cuts were tough, chewy, and the slices were small as well. Usually, the lauriat comes with siomai, and it is now replaced with fried dumpling, which didn't taste that good, and for "dessert" the mung bean buchi has been replaced with mini siopao. It wasn't good as well.

But at least, I do know now that whenever in Chowking, I will just have to stick with my usual meal.

*** Jenn ***

Friday, November 21, 2008



To be honest, I am not really into pancakes. I just can't finish one serving of it, no matter how I tried. I guess I am not really into sweet foods, so whenever we eat pancakes, I make sure I have something salty in it like slices of hotdogs, or I would trash the maple syrup and top up my pancakes with grated cheese instead.

It's "unfortunate" that my siblings are big pancake eaters, so there are times that whether I like it or not, I have to cook for them (sometimes). This set of pancakes were the last time I cooked pancakes for my family. Not at all good looking, because aside from the fact that I am not into pancakes, I also have a hard time cooking it, especially the very first one. I actually had to eat the very first one I cooked because it's nearly burnt and it wasn't really smooth. I just photographed this after cooking to tell myself that if I can cook some intricate dishes, I can certainly cook pancakes, too.

*** Jenn ***

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