Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The #BIGatin that is - Jollibee Big Burger Steak

When we still had a land phone, lazy days would sometimes mean calling the Jollibee Hotline to order lunch or dinner. Having our land phone cut two years ago meant no more Jollibee Delivery, but when my sister discovered the joys of ordering online, a thought entered her mind to try out the Jollibee Online Delivery service.

I allowed her to use the website - - and she said ordering through the website was easy than she first assumed. She did provide her phone number, but the confirmation of her order was sent thru the e-mail address she provided.

We were actually very impressed with the service! It took sometime for the confirmation e-mail to arrive, but upon receiving their e-mail, the delivery guy was knocking on our gate just 15 minutes after!

If you haven't tried ordering thru Jollibee Online Delivery service, the only tip I can share is for you to provide all necessary details. There is a space for the customer to indicate any notes, so utilize it to say everything you needed to say. When we ordered, we indicated our mother's Senior Citizen's ID Number and the amount of money we will pay, so the branch that will dispatch the order can adjust the amount (if you have SC or Disability ID) to be paid, as well as provide the rider with the exact amount of change.

I love Jollibee Chickenjoy, but ever since I had my wisdom tooth extracted nearly a month ago, I find it difficult to chew hard, crunchy food. Thankfully, there is the Jollibee Burger Steak, that is also one of my favorite Jollibee food.

One piece Jollibee Burger Steak is definitely not enough to satisfy my tummy, so I usually go for the two piece Jollibee Burger Steak, but I don't know what's the thing about numbers - if I go for two-piece it would seem as if I eat a lot! Hahahaha! I was happy when Jollibee offered the heavy meal because it can fully satisfy my burger steak cravings, but the thing is, I find the meal a little overwhelming - with the French Fries and Egg included in the meal. With the Jollibee Big Burger Steak, I felt it was just the right meal for me.

The Jollibee Big Burger Steak is as big and thick as the Jollibee Champ patty. The flavor is still the same Jollibee Burger Steak we all love - and something you can share... but I doubt that. :) For more pleasurable eating experience, I suggest you put drops of hot sauce. Yummy!!!

If you fancy something BIGatin without any added extras on the side, I definitely recommend you guys try out the Jollibee Big Burger Steak the next time you visit Jollibee, or call 8-7000 for delivery (if you don't feel like using their online delivery service.

The Jollibee Big Burger Steak can be enjoyed solo for only 89 pesos, or with a regular drink for only 95 pesos.

Have you tried this #BIGatin treat? Please follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram, and @JollibeePhilippines on Facebook, share your #BIGatin escapades with the new Jollibee Big Burger Steak.

*** Jenn ***

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