Friday, April 15, 2011

A Temptation I Wasn't Able to Resist

Crepes & Cream
SM City Fairview - Ground Floor, New Annex Building
Regalado Avenue cor. Quirino Highway, Quezon City
04 August 2010

Crepes and Cream - SM Fairview

Like what I said in my last Food Trip post, we planned not to eat much (though we still did) because we wanted to use mom's Crepes & Cream coupon. Since the coupon is for three crepes, I decided that I won't eat as I am fairly full from the dinner and I had a sip of the mango shake, which can also act as my dessert.

Whenever the family eats out, choosing where to eat is one problem, choosing what to eat is another. Crepes and Cream have about 14 dessert crepes to choose from (but they are adding more flavors now), and with three people thinking which to take, deciding became a little source of miscommunication because the staff have already poured the batter into the pan and they had to think quick. They had:

Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruise (p99). Vanilla Ice Cream with sliced bananas, whipped cream, and rice crispies. This is mom's choice, and she was satisfied with it.

Crepes and Cream Delight

Crepes and Cream Delight (p99). This wasn't my brother's choice, but him telling mom one thing and the staff suggesting flavors to her made her a bit confused and she said yes to the staff's suggestion. Anyway, this crepe has Cookies and Cream ice cream, mini chocolate chips, toasted almonds and chocolate sauce. Though this wasn't what brother wanted, it tasted good in its own way.

Create Your Own Crepe

Create Your Own Crepe (free). Sister opt to go for the free "Create Your Own Crepe," and basically, what you do is to: 1) Choose your ice cream flavor, 2) Choose two toppings, and 3) Choose the sauce. Sister opt to go for Mango Ice Cream + Sweetened Bananas + Toasted Almonds + Chocolate Sauce. It turned out interesting, but the sweetened bananas tasted a little bitter (maybe because the sugar was burnt). Sister took it out and enjoyed her crepe.

Now... my family seeing me sitting and watching them eat made them a little guilty (I guess), so they coaxed me to get my crepe, too. Well, I guess I was weak, I gave in. I had:


Cappuchoco (p129). This was actually my brother's initial choice. This had coffee ice cream, brownie bits, toasted almonds, chocolate powder, and chocolate sauce. I went for this so brother could have a bite, too, thinking it would somehow made him forget that he wasn't eating what he initially wanted. Seemed he had a great choice - this was so good! The coffee ice cream tasted great to begin with... add the chocolate flavors to that was a wonderful match! I was a little full, so I wasn't able to eat it all, so I gave 1/3 of it to brother.

Doing this food trip made the family realize one thing: When you say you won't eat much because you'd eat at Crepes & Cream, follow it. It was so difficult to eat the whole crepe, that we promised the next time we eat there, we maybe could just eat a very light meal, or share one crepe. :)

Crepes & Cream is located at the new annex of SM City Fairview, just under the stairway, and is fronting My Thai. Other branches they had include - The Podium, SM City North Edsa, The Fort, SM Megamall Atrium, Rockwell Powerplant Mall, and SM Mall of Asia. Outside of Metro Manila, they have a branch at SM City Baguio.

*** Jenn ***

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