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Happy Food, Sweets, and Treats

Felicity Patisserie
2nd Flr Unit F
Holy Spirit Drive cor Don Matias Street
Don Antonio Brgy. Holy Spirit, QC
19 April 2011

I received an invitation to try out the foods at Felicity Patisserie. Knowing it is located in Don Antonio Heights in Quezon City, I gladly accepted the invitation because I wanted to highlight food places this side of the metro. Actually, with a food place named "Felicity," who would want to decline an invitation? I welcome all things positive, and this was one invitation I was so happy to accept.

Felicity Patisserie

Together with my sister and my food blogger friend Andrew, we dropped by Felicity Patisserie last Tuesday. We were greeted by Jasper de Leon, one of its owners and chatted with us a bit. Soon, his wife Carol arrived and entertained us while Jasper accommodate the other guests.

Felicity Patisserie is still a baby, as it was just last January when they opened their doors to cater to people around the area. As Carol puts it, they wanted to put up a food place for families, group of friends, even lovers to enjoy.

Felicity Patisserie

I love how the place looked. Simple, yet very homey and bright. Jasper is an artist, and pretty soon, they plan to showcase his artworks in this place. Well, the place itself is already pretty, but I am sure adding some artworks would make it more homey.

The place may be new, but they do have quite an extensive menu. It may be called a patisserie, but they also offer rice meals and pasta, and according to Carol, the menu composed of tried and tested dishes that they often served at house parties. The three of us planned to choose one dish each, serving one dish at a time, so the three of us could get to taste all the dishes. We had quite a lot of foods that night, so I will feature the dishes in the order that we ate them. We had:

Pasta Kai-Vigan

Pasta Kai-Vigan (p160). Not the pasta dish I chose, but they wanted us to taste this as this is one of their bestsellers. Using authentic Vigan Longganisa, I fell in love with it instantly because I loved how the perfectly cooked spaghetti blended with the flavors of the regional longganisa. At home, I often cook this kind of pasta but with additional cream. This one didn't have any cream, just the natural goodness of the longganisa, and now that I knew pasta would taste awesome just like this way, I think I would cook this pasta like this should I crave for it in the future.

Chorizo con Mozzarella

Chorizo con Mozzarella (p175). After tasting the Pasta Kai-Vigan, part of me wanted to cancel this order because it was another sausage pasta. However, this was my initial choice, so I just let them serve it. The chorizo itself was a bit salty for my taste, but I loved how the tang of the sun-dried tomatoes cuts the saltiness. The gooey texture from the mozzarella cheese also added another dimension to the dish, that we just kept eating and eating it.

Tenderly Yours Beef Tapa

Tenderly Yours Beef Tapa (p160). Andrew's choice. Prior to our visit, I already sent him a copy of the menu, and the "fluffy parsley eggs" was the one thing that made him interested with this. The tapa was tender and seasoned wonderfully, and I just loved how fluffy the eggs were. We were actually wondering how they made the eggs that fluffy, but I guess that was a house secret. The eggs were under seasoned, but it was okay for me, because I could get to taste the natural flavor of the eggs.

Hickory Barbecue Country Ribs

Hickory Barbecue Country Ribs (p175). Sister's choice. It tasted good, but the pork was a little dry, in our opinion. The sauce was lip-smacking good, and I think I scooped quite a lot of that sauce. :) The vegetable side dish was something we all loved as it was half-cooked, giving us the crunch that we wanted in our vegetables. My sister doesn't like eating celery, but since they cut it thinly, my sister was able to appreciate it.

At that point, we were already quite full, but they kept on serving us dishes, and we didn't want to turn it down, so we kept on eating.

Dory with Tomato-Pesto Confit

Dory with Tomato-Pesto Confit (p175). Initially, Andrew wanted to choose this because he was curious how would tomato blend with pesto. The fluffy eggs won so he chose it, but we were thankful that they served us this. Another love at first bite dish... it was so awesome! The dory was delicious to begin with, but the tomato-pesto confit made it more delicious! Now we knew... tomato and pesto would make a great pair.

Beef Stew Magnifico

Beef Stew Magnifico (p180). This is a dish that would just grow on you. At first bite it would taste just fine, but as I eat more and more of it, my taste buds were treated to different flavors. This is a dish Carol made, and is Korean inspired. It's salty, sweet, and spicy rolled into one dish, yet you can also get to taste these individual flavors. The beef was really tender, too.

Darling Steamed Cream Dory

Darling Steamed Cream Dory (p175). Rolled cream dory slices steamed with olive oil, light soy sauce, and topped with ginger and spring onions. Probably the best dish of the night, I just loved how light the dish was. The dory melts in the mouth, and the ginger complemented the taste of the fish.

Parmesan Crusted Garlic Shrimp

Parmesan - Crusted Garlic Shrimp (p195). It wasn't the crunchy type of a shrimp dish, but this was another revelation because I didn't know that cheese would make a great pair with the shrimps. I am a person who suddenly loved shrimps, and as full as I was, I think I still kept eating the shrimps. The cheese were sort of melted already, but it was still a good dish.

You think we were already done? Hmmm... not yet. We still had room for desserts:

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes. Brazo de Mercedes is already a great dessert to begin with, but with added vanilla ice cream, it just became a whole lot better and more delicious. My sister ate most of this one because she just loves Brazo de Mercedes.

Felicity also offers a different kind of Frozen Brazo de Mercedes - using mantecado ice cream, but it was only available for orders.

Pistachio Symphony

Pistachio Symphony. Aside from the many chopped up pistachio nuts, what I loved about this was that it wasn't overly sweet, perfect for afternoon cup of tea or coffee.

Pecan Cheesecake

Pecan Cheesecake. It's like eating New York Cheesecake with bits of pecan nuts. Personally, I am not a fan of the typical cheesecake, so I only gave this one a few bites.

Mango Symphony

Mango Symphony. A close relative of the Pistachio Symphony, they basically had the same cake and icing, except that this had nuts and mango slices in between the layers of cake. This was also not an overly sweet kind of cake, which gave us a good taste of the mangoes.

Chocolate Nirvana

Chocolate Nirvana. This was their version of the chocolate cheesecake. Of all the cakes that I tasted, this was the best. I couldn't explain in words how delicious it was, but believe me it was so awesome! The cheesecake wasn't mushy and it had the right sweetness, and I actually loved the little salty flavor brought by the graham crust.

Felicity Patisserie has quite a long list of pastries, but not all cakes on the list will be available everyday because their chiller is quite small. Should you dine here, they suggest you just take a look at what they have for the day, or phone them before hand to request a particular cake you wanted. Their cakes are available per slice, and is also available as whole.

Felicity is defined as "great happiness," and I think the dining experience we just had can attest to that. True to its vision, Felicity is a place where diners can enjoy their foods with the company of their friends and loved ones. As Carol puts it, they wanted their customers to savor the flavor of the foods as well as the over all dining experience.

Currently, they accept party reservations, and they also do orders in bulk. They still don't have a website, but they do have a Facebook Page, if you want to get in touch with them. Should you want to dine there, here's the map:

Very easy to find, I tell you. :)

Favorites for the night: Andrew loved the Dory with Tomato-Pesto Confit, I loved the Darling Steamed Dory, and my sister loved the Beef Stew Magnifico. As for the cakes, sister loved the Mango Symphony, while Andrew and I loved the Chocolate Nirvana.

I feel blessed having to see a food place in its humble beginnings. With great tasting food and the drive from the people that run the place, I see a bright and shiny future for this place. If you happen to be in the Quezon City area, I suggest you try out Felicity Patisserie.

*** Jenn ***

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