Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ice Cream House sa North Fairview

Ice Cream House sa North Fairview
2 LT Unit E, Atherthon St. cor Don Mariano Marcos Ave.,
Brgy. North Fairview, Quezon City
10 July 2010

Since my "Ice Cream Fellowship" with Andre at Ice Cream House sa Lagro, I have been bugging my family if we could eat there, too, but because I try not to eat at the same branch (for blog and arte purposes), getting the family to eat at a different branch has been gloomy...

Ice Cream House sa N. Fairview

...until our next door neighbors invited us to celebrate Jamy's 1st birthday at a Jollibee branch in Fairview. We had snacks at the venue, yes, but before we left, I encouraged mom for us to eat ice cream, and I was so glad she said yes. Normally, during neighbor events, us close neighbors would use the vehicle owned by the Villarandas, and for this day, we just asked them to drop us off Ice Cream House in North Fairview.

Ice Cream House sa N. Fairview

Like the other Ice Cream House I've been to, the dining area was just small. The addition of mirrors made the place looked spacious, and I was really glad that the place had air conditioning system. Well, I know one doesn't really need cool atmosphere to enjoy ice cream, I guess I was more concerned about the dust blowing here and there and seeing that the doors can be closed each and every time a diner goes in or out made me feel less worried about the cleanliness.

Since the place was small and the menu printed at the counter area was big enough to see, mom was able to decide which dessert to eat. Brother and I went to order because he, too, wanted to take pictures he could use for his blog.

We had:

Lover's Delight

Lover's Delight (p65 / usd1.49). Mom's choice. Well, mom is a big fan of ube and mango, so she quickly went for this one. Aside from the obvious scoops of ube and vanilla ice cream topped with corn flakes and cherry, the yellow one is actually frozen chunks of mango, which paired good with the vanilla ice cream.

Choco Crunch

Choco Crunch (p49 / usd1.12). Chocolate ice cream in a bed of Koko Krunch cereals topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips, brother's choice. I only got to taste a wee bit of this, and since I have already tasted their chocolate ice cream from my previous visit, I already knew it tasted good, and it was. Chocolate ice cream and chocolate cereals. Wow. Brother made a real good choice.

Brownie ala Mode

Brownie ala Mode (p49 / usd1.12). My first choice. Again, I was aiming for the tiramisu, but it wasn't available (hmmmm...), so this was the best next thing for me. Well, it wasn't really the best as the brownie was rock tough, but even if it was so tough that my metal spoon would bend each time I would try to cut a piece of the brownie, I did find it delicious.

Black Forest Chill

Black Forest Chill (p65 / usd1.49). Since my other choice wasn't that expensive, I opted to have another one and I chose this among the available drinks. At p65, this was really the type of chocolate drink I would so love to have each and every time.

...oh well, maybe not, because the cream and sugar rush made me feel a bit guilty. We all know it's quite unhealthy, but yes it was sooo good!

Too bad sister wasn't with us (as she had work even on Sundays), but for sure one of these days the family could try eating there again.

*** Jenn ***

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