Thursday, December 16, 2010

My One Tagaytay Breakfast

Azalea Restaurant - One Tagaytay Place
Barrio Sungay, Tagaytay City
14 April 2010

The gift certificate I had for One Tagaytay Place had free breakfast for two, so it was a life saver for me. The thought of eating food at this posh place was something to rave about. My companion have to be back at work at 1PM on this day because they needed to renew their GSIS ID, so we had to leave earlier.


Dining Area

The Azalea Restaurant has quite a lot of foods in their menu - a mixture of Filipino, Asian, and other International dishes, but as good and as delicious as all the items were, we couldn't get to taste it because dishes were quite expensive, and we truly felt the breakfast would be enough. There were choices for the breakfast and we had:


Filipino Breakfast (ToSiLog). My companion's choice. The tocino was tender, but chewing into it, something at the back of my mind told me it was store bought... but I could be wrong as well.


Filipino Breakfast (LongSiLog). My choice. I did tell the waitress that I wanted my eggs well cooked - brown outside and the yolk hard - and I was so glad they granted my request. The longganisa was delicious, but not as good as the regional sausages I know of. I don't know if this is how people from Tagaytay makes their longganisa, or these were the normal packed ones at the supermarket.

What made our breakfast really awesome were the pickled veggies served on the side. I knew the taste of pickled young papaya (atsara), but pickled onions, carrots, string beans and ampalaya was something new for me. I hesitated to taste the ampalaya as I knew bitter and sour would clash, but when I chew on the ampalaya it was actually great. So great I asked my companion if I could eat her share of the veggies instead. Hehehe.


Our breakfast also came in with a big cup of brewed coffee, a glass of orange juice, and a glass of water. Them serving the coffee with our choice of regular, brown, and artificial sugar was something I liked - at least they gave diabetics (in case a diner is) a choice for sweetener.

Fruit Platter

The meal ended with a serving of fruit platter, and I was a happy diner seeing three of some of my favorite fruits in the platter.

We left a few minutes after breakfast; we passed by the People's Park in the Sky first before taking a ride home. Despite a little dismay on my part, I was happy I was able to use my GC for this place.

*** Jenn ***

ps - All pictures in this post were taken SOOC using Canon EOS 450D. Big thanks to my companion for letting me use her camera for this.

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