Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cafe d'Asie Breakfast Buffet

Cafe d'Asie
2nd Floor, Main Wing - The Bellevue Manila
North Bridgeway, Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa
+63 (02)771-8181 local 8020

Breakfast at Cafe d'Asie starts at 6am, but it was nearly 7am when we went down to eat breakfast, simply because we wanted to stay in bed longer as we just had a very relaxing massage the night before and the fluffy sheets and the good air conditioning system made us bargain with the alarm. :)

Cafe d'Asie
Cafe d'Asie Cafe d'Asie

Anyway, we knew our time was limited (as sister has to be at work by 3pm and we have to consider traffic) so we fixed ourselves for breakfast. We didn't check the cafe the previous day so seeing it for the first time blew us away. It was spacious, it provides a good view outside (depends where you're sitting, of course) and they have a wide selection of food.

What was for breakfast that day?

Salad Station

Salad Station. Typical selection for salad, but I was happy that they provided six sauces to choose from (all labeled for easy identification). Well, salads tend to fill me easily, and because I wanted to taste as much food as possible, I skipped this station.


Cereal Station. Koko Krunch, Corn Flakes and Bran Flakes were available - milk can be seen nearby, but  even if I do eat cereals from time to time, I skipped this station as well as I don't want to slurp some milk.


Japanese Station. Sushi for breakfast? Why not! I told before that I am not much into Japanese food, but little by little I am training myself to like it, and I did like this sushi. I realized, it was the wasabi that I don't like much of, so eating the sushi just as it is made me appreciate the flavors.

Dried Seafood

Filipino Station. Filipino breakfast is something so rich and flavorful - that the cafe had a lot of choices - steamed and garlic rice, longganisa, scrambled eggs, corned beef... and these - dried seafood. Well, guests can just take some from the plate, but there are cooks on stand by if you want to have freshly fried danggit or pusit.


Bread / Cheese & Spreads Station. I wasn't able to photograph the breads, but they do have different types of bread, which guests can toast, if they want to. Aside from these cheeses, they also have individually wrapped small packs of butter and jams to go with the bread.

Crispy Bacon

Bacon! Something that made sister and I salivate. :) It was so delicious, but I only had one small strip (just to taste it) because I am not really fond of crispy bacon.


Pastry Station. Yes, there were breads, but there were also different pastries. I was able to try the Danish Breads as well as the Muffins, and my favorite would be the Chocolate Muffin. It had a lot of choco chip toppings, and more choco chips inside the muffin.

Fruits for Dessert

Fresh Fruits. Some of the pastries are great enough to cap off the meal, but for some, fresh fruits are a must. Seeing the pineapples and the papaya was difficult to resist. :)

As for the drinks - staffs roamed around to ask guests for coffee refills, but they also have a drink station - with different kinds of fruit juices. If it's tea that you want, they can serve it to you, too.

I have had breakfast buffets during travels, but this by far was the best breakfast buffet I have experience.


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