Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sicilian Express - A. Venue Mall

Sicilian Express
G/F A. Venue Mall
Makati Ave. Poblacion, Makati
+63 (02)729-5555

(continuation of my food trips with K)

Sicilian Express - A. Venue Mall

We got back at the hotel a little past 5 in the afternoon; still early, but we decided to just stay at the hotel and watch TV (or go online). For dinner, it was another trip to A. Venue Mall. Checking the side entrance of the mall, K took his time reading the big menu by the wall and seeing something he hoped to eat, we entered.

Sicilian Express - A. Venue Mall Sicilian Express - A. Venue Mall

There weren't much people inside (probably because it was still early), but a few guests would drop by to order take-outs. When we were handed the menu, K was a bit disappointed that what he wanted to eat wasn't in the menu, and we were told it was no longer available. K obviously wanted to leave, but since we were accepted at the restaurant with courtesy and friendly smiles, he decided to just choose from the available options.

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Spaghetti with Meatballs. This was the solo serving, priced at p130. K said the sauce was okay because it was a little bit on the tangy side, but he didn't like the meatballs that much - one, because it was small, two, because it was a little dry. Still, he said it was okay to satisfy the hungry tummy.

Baked Fish

Baked Fish. For p145, I found this too expensive. Actually, it looked a little blah when served to me - I just scooped out the tomato sauce under the fish as well as dust it with some ground pepper to make it look more appetizing. Taste wise, well if have eaten Cream Dory fish, then you know the taste, but the sauce did give it a bit of an oomph. I just wished there were more sauce because it was really good. As for the potato wedges, well...

We wanted to eat dessert, but all they had was ice cream, so K and I decided to enter the mall and find a place for us to eat desserts. Taking aside the minimal funny misunderstandings while eating dinner, K just said eating desserts elsewhere would mean additional post on my blog. So true.

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