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San Mig Coffee Super Packs

Ever since I could remember, our household has been into instant coffee. It was something I am already accustomed to drinking, so even if mom was gifted with a coffee maker, us in the family would always go back to fixing ourselves a cup of instant coffee for breakfast everyday.

Lately, there has been a lot of mixes when it comes to instant coffee, and I for one am thankful for these, because even if I have been an instant coffee drinker for two decades, I still won't dare fix someone else a cup of coffee. I'd either end up adding more coffee or more sugar.

Here in our family, we do have our own preferences when it comes to the instant coffee mixes, which is why we do have this big container with different brands and flavors. While I do have my own favorite, I can actually drink whatever coffee mix is available.

Anne Curtis for San Mig Coffee
San Mig Coffee Super Packs Launch

San Mig Coffee has been in the market for many years now (I remember this was our drink when we traveled to Banaue, Ifugao in 2008), and I did like it's brewed coffee flavor ever since. My brother loved the "Strong" variant, but I always go for the Original one.

Nowadays, people are always on the go, feeling stressed, and usually feeling tired. San Mig Coffee understands that coffee isn't just enough to boost our energy, so last Tuesday (11 September 2012), they launched their Super Packs, San Mig Coffee instant mixes with energy releasing B Vitamins (B1, B2, and B6). Actress / host Anne Curtis is just perfect to be the celebrity brand ambassador, as she's one of showbiz's "it" girls - appearing on television shows and certain TVCs, not to mention movies and modelling, and yes... music, too! Being "in demand" can be exhausting, but with the right energy to do the roles, she can certainly perform well...

... and that's what San Mig Coffee is aiming for. Us, being "normal people," we may not be as busy as Anne is, but we are all busy in our ways - juggling work, family, and social life, while still having our own "me time," doing hobbies, traveling, working out, all demands our bodies and spirits to be in tip-top shape.

San Mig Coffee Super Pack

The San Mig Coffee Super Packs come in four variants:
  • San Mig Coffee Super (20g) - a strong coffee mix with a bold, full-bodied taste
  • San Mig Coffee Brown (25g) - rich coffee taste with the distinct sweetness of brown sugar
  • San Mig Coffee White (28g) - creamy, smooth taste
  • San Mig Coffee Chococino (25g) - sweet, and with a good balance between coffee and cocoa.

I have tasted all variants and loved it. My favorite though, is the San Mig Coffee White, because it had the blend I want in a coffee, and it reminds me of the San Mig Coffee Original, but the White one is creamier and a little sweeter, just right for my taste. The San Mig Coffee Chococino comes a close second, it did have a great balance between coffee and cocoa. Now, we don't have to buy cocoa to add to our cup of coffee (yes, my mom loves adding cocoa to her usual cup of coffee) because this one already has the flavor we wanted. Hmmm... I wonder when will they come up with a coffee mix with honey and cinnamon? I love honey and cinnamon on my coffee (or usually just cinnamon if I already used a 3-in-1 mix)!

Coffee perks us up and boost our spirits for another hectic day ahead. Personally, while my morning coffee fix boosts my body for another challenging day, I also see drinking coffee as my way to relax. Smelling the aroma and holding that hot/warm cup, then sipping the goodness of the coffee just comforts me and calms me (quite ironic, but for me it's true).

Don't you just love that you can have a cup of coffee goodness at home, no need to go to the coffee shop to have a fancy flavored cup of coffee? When I was younger, we only had coffee, cream (or milk), and sugar; now we can have our choice of flavor, anytime we want it.

For more details and updates about San Mig Coffee, please visit their Official Facebook Page.

PS - Big thanks to San Mig Coffee, Jonel & Marjorie of NomNomClub for the invitation to the event, and thank you also to my brother Jay of More Than I Can Chew for attending the event on my behalf.

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