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Bite Club Grilled Burgers (D'Mall, Boracay)

Bite Club Grilled Burger - Boracay

I may have traveled to Boracay just last June, but my short stay there didn't really allow me to roam around and try different food... so when I traveled back to Boracay last August with my mom and sister, food tripping was something new for me.

For lunch, sister wanted to eat burgers. Finding a place to eat in Boracay is both easy and difficult - easy because there are a lot of food places, difficult because choosing where to eat can be a daunting task. As for sister's burger cravings... we were lucky to have found Bite Club Grilled Burgers while walking along D'Mall.

Bite Club Grilled Burger - Boracay

The place wasn't that big, but because August was an off-peak period, finding a table wasn't difficult. One thing I liked - they had sturdy plastic chairs that allow people with wet clothes to dine in (like we were).

Bite Club Grilled Burgers offer different kinds of patties differentiated by weight. Club Burger is the classic 1/3 pound patty (165 pesos), Burgerella is the 1/3 pound patty stuffed with mozzarella cheese (185 pesos), The Bomb is the classic half pounder (260 pesos), The Bombarella is the half pounder stuffed with mozzarella cheese (280 pesos), and the Triple X is the heavy weight 1 pound patty (420 pesos).

Ordering the burgers were just easy. 1) Choose your patty and 2) Add your choice of topping (all burgers have one free topping... if you want to add more, it will charged 25 pesos per topping). All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, and special Bite Club dressing.

Mom's Burger

Burgerella with Blue Cheese Cream
Sister's burger. I was the one who placed the order and because mom has senior citizen card, her order was placed separately with ours (sister and I). Sister went back to the hotel to change clothes and there might have been a slight misunderstanding because mom and I were served with burger cut in half. We were thinking maybe they saw just mom and I and took the initiative to cut the burger in half thinking we were sharing the burger.

Anyway, the blue cheese cream was divine! It tasted how blue cheese supposed to taste like, and it worked well with the burger.

Sister's Burger

Burgerella with Chunky Mushroom and Cheese
Mom's burger. Beef and mushroom - totally bursting with umami goodness!

My Burger

Burgerella with Cheddar Cheese Cream and Smoked Bacon
My burger. I went with two toppings because I love bacon and I want my burger with a lot of cheese. Each of the burgers (it turned out) came with cheese, so my burger was some kind of cheese bombed burger (do remember that burgerella's patty has mozzarella cheese stuffed inside).

The patty was so delicious!!! It was juicy, it was big, it had a generous mozzarella stuffing, and it tasted like how I like my burger patty should be - smoky, less salt, more of the beef flavor.

Crispy Fries

Crispy Club Fries
For sharing, we had an order of their Crispy Club Fries, after seeing it served at the table in front of us. It was very crispy, but a little chewy as well. I loved it the way it is, but since every table has its own set of condiments, mom and sister mixed their own dip.

Aside from Burgers, the place also offers Breaded Fish Sandwich and Tender Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Our lunch was foodgasmic! We were glad to have made a great choice this time - with so many food places to choose from it was a blessing to have found this.

Bite Club Grilled Burgers
D'Mall, Station 2 - Boracay
Malay, Aklan
+63 (36) 288 5947

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