Wednesday, November 19, 2008

R = Rambutan


I don't eat lychees, but this one I really love to eat. Basically, they look the same - except that this fruit has lots of hairs - and inside they also look the same, but this one's a bit elongated. I don't know why I don't eat lychees yet I eat lots of this, I guess there something in a lychee's taste that I don't really like.

This fruit is abundant here in the Philippines especially during the third quarter of the year. Some Rambutan farms in South Luzon provinces open their farms to people and with an entrance fee, one can eat as much fruit as they can, pick the fruits themselves from the trees, but of course, if you want to take home some fruits, you have to buy it. Free eating is only allowed inside the farms. I still haven't tried that, though.

I think this fruit is also available in some South East Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia. If you happen to have this fruit in your country, can you tell me how you called it?

*** Jenn ***


Unknown said...

Hmmm-what do they taste like?Do they have a fruity taste?I think they would be worth a try.

Leslie: said...

I've never seen these, either. Are they like a melon?

Gordon said...

I don't recall seeing these here, but I just did a bit of research and found they are grown commercially in Queensland. If I find them in stores here I will let you know.

earthlingorgeous said...

I don't eat rambutan or its imported counterpart. something about it I really don't like! Hahahaha! Great shot!


Liz Hinds said...

Is that the one that smells horrible? It looks pretty enough.

Unknown said...

It's Rambutan season now in Malaysia.
The best Rambutan in Malaysia is call 'Rambutan anak sekolah'.
Thanks for sharing your 'R' and also Thank You for droping by my 'R'
Regard and have a nice day.

Bear Naked said...

I've never heard of Rambutan but it certainly makes a beautiful photograph!!

Bear((( )))

D Herrod said...

Cool. I've never seen Lychee on the plant.

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