Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lunch at Midway Grill

Third day of my Ilocos trip with Ria, we first went to visit daddy's grave (because I couldn't visit his grave anymore in time for the All Saints / Souls Day) before we went to the Urbiztondo Beach in the town of San Juan for the first day of the 4th Surfing Break. We enjoyed watching the surfers, share talks with other tourists, and come lunch time I decided to take her to Midway Grill.

Midway Grill

When I first dined at Midway Grill, I knew I just have to go back there. We will be staying at Urbiztondo Beach the whole day, so I decided for us to eat lunch here, so when night time comes, we could just eat at any of the resorts near the surf site.

Baby Back Ribs (Spicy)

Baby Back Ribs (Spicy). My choice. I told Ria my budget for the food trips would be around p200, but for this, I had to spare a little more because the food was already p199 and I still had to buy my drink. Anyway, this is one of Midway Grill's house specialty and is one of their best sellers. It's a bit pricey, yes, but it was one big chunk of meat that surprised both Ria and I. I loved that there were a lot of meat to eat, and that the meat was juicy and very tender. The sauce tasted really good, and I couldn't help but to use my hands in eating my food. :)

Grilled Baby Squids

Grilled Baby Squids. Ria's choice. Compared to my food, there weren't much squids in the plate, but Ria liked the taste. She said the squids were really soft, it was seasoned good, and it was just right for its price.

Ria Me

I am so happy that my recommendation passed Ria's taste. Both of us had a great lunch that time, and with our tummies full, we decided to make side trip at the Ma-Cho Temple first before going back to the surf site.


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