Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nom Nom Club's 1st Anniversary

Normally, during Sunday, I post recipes of dishes I have tried, but I wasn't able to cook anything last week, so my "episode" for Yummy Sunday will be something different.

Last week, I saw a link on my Facebook wall about Nom Nom Club's Anniversary. Clicking the link, I learned there will be a celebration, and I really wanted to be a part of it. I emailed the Jonel, and told him my intentions of joining, and after following the instructions how to be a part of the Nom Nom Foodie Club, I got my invitation. I already knew from the get go that it will be held at a Greenwich Pizza & Pasta restaurant, but at first I didn't know the exact branch. I prayed for it to be just near my place so I could attend, because if it would be far from my place, I might not attend. Good thing it will be held at the 2nd level branch in SM City North Edsa.

Greenwich Pizza & Pasta

The call time was 12noon, so I left the house around 10:30am. I arrived in the place around 11:45am, and asked the crew about the event. The manager told me they were still tidying up the room, so I just stayed outside. Ann approached me and when we saw Jonel and we met Emiliania inside the store.

Name Tags

We helped (in a way) to set up the place while we wait for the foodies to arrive. Aside from signing up on the attendance sheet, we also placed our "pasta order."

Pasta Galore

There were four choices of pasta - Lasagna Supreme, Beefy Baked Macaroni, Three Cheese and Sausage Macaroni, and Chicken & Bacon Carbonara. I went for the Lasagna Supreme, but hoped I chose the Sausage Macaroni because I still haven't tasted it yet. Oh well.. next time. :)

Charades Game

After Jonel gave told about the introductions and sorts of things about the Nom Nom Foodie Club, there was a charades game where winners (the one acting out and the one who guessed the right answer) will get some take out foods from Greenwich at the end of the party. Too bad I didn't win that one, but it was a good thing guessing for some of the food items. Most were easy, but the hardest one would be "La Paz Batchoy," and no one really got to answer that.

The games were followed by a raffle, and while all these were happening, they brought in the different pizzas:

Pizza Sampler

Pasta Sampler 18". The first pizza was served on our table. Flavors available were: Mozzarella Cheese, Greenwich Special, Pepperoni, and Meat & Cheese. I got a slice of the Greenwich Special and it was good! :) The other three I didn't really get to taste.

Shrimp & Garlic Overload Pizza

Shrimp and Garlic Overload Pizza 18". One of the two new Overload Pizza flavors, I decided to get a slice of this as I wanted to taste it, and I knew if I don't eat this one here, it would be very impossible for me to taste this pizza. I am not a big fan of shrimps, but this tasted good.

After all the prizes were given out, in came two more pizzas for us to eat:

Philly Cheesesteak Overload Pizza

Philly Cheesesteak Overload Pizza 18". I remember the time we were handed a flier of this pizza sometime ago... my brother put a magnet on it and it has been on our fridge since then. Among all the Overload pizzas from Greenwich, this was probably the only flavored that made us really crave for it, that when I saw them placed this on the table, I really drooled. My seat mates Peachkins and Emiliana shared a slice of this because we were already super full from all the food we have eaten. The pizza wasn't as salty as I expected it to be, and the bell peppers and onions cuts the "umay" feeling from eating a cheese laden pizza. So good!

Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload Pizza

Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload Pizza 18". Another one of the newest Overload pizza flavors, this was placed in our table so I took a slice for us to share again. It was really good!

with Peachkins

Aside from seeing bloggers I have met from different events (so nice to see you again, Cathie, Leirs and Sire), it was also meet new people, and seeing bloggers I have been interacting with for the first time. Like I told earlier, I shared the table with Peachkins, and I was really happy to be seeing her. She has been an online friend for quite sometime now, and it's great to put a face into the blog, so to speak. I also got to meet Mauie in person for the first time. From the Litratong Pinoy days, to tending farms in Farm Town, it was nice to meet people!

Loot Bag

There were so many gifts raffled off, and although I was sad that I didn't win the Greenwich notebook (I was really, really hoping I'd win that), I was happy that I got this: a loot bag from Earthlingorgeous. The bag contained Avon baby products, Swish mouthwash, Sunsilk shampoo, Cream Silk conditioner, ChapStick lip balm (which I gave), and Dolan medicine for kids (which I gave to Peachkins because we don't have a kid in the house). I may not get the notebook, but I was happy to get this - especially the shampoo and conditioner (because it's for women with hair fall problems).

Aside from that, I also won a one year web hosting just because I was one of the 10 early birds. I have three blogs running for free, and with this one, I will be having a .com soon. Will it be the personal blog, photo blog, or this? I still have to think about it.

Food, great company, great prizes. What more could a food blogger ask? Big, big thanks to Jonel of Nom Nom Foodie Club for this great gastronomic event. Life is indeed delicious!

*** Jenn ***


Mauie Flores said...

Nice to finally meet you, too. Thanks for the link love!

Junneth said...

hello Jen! My kids love those Pizza...starving when I saw your post. Thanks for viewing my post!

Chubskulit Rose said...

The pizza looks delicious. Better luck next time pretty sis!

My late entry of Yummy Sunday at Spice Up Your Life said...

Thanks for coming Jen. It's great to know you enjoyed. :)

- NomNom

Bogie said...

The pizza looks very yummy! With that kind of experience, life is indeed delicious!

Dhemz said...

oh mother of pearl....kakatakam....yum yum yum!

salamat sa dalaw....:) great to be here!

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