Friday, March 20, 2009

Late Lunch, Early Dinner

Now that I have finished sharing all the foods I have eaten during my 10 day holiday with my friend K, I am moving on to another set of vacation foods, this time from my Cebu - Negros Oriental trip with my brother.

We reached Cebu City at around 3PM, and when we noticed that the hotel room had no drinking water, so we decided to go to a mall, eat lunch and do some grocery shopping. The three of us (brother, 'te Malou, and I) were so hungry at that time because we only had one ensaymada for lunch (which we ate during the flight), so entering the food court of Robinson's Place Cebu, we decided to just eat there.

I had the grilled chicken from Casa Ilonga. I love the taste of this chicken - the marinade was so good.

Brother ordered kilawin, also in Casa Ilonga. He was a bit intrigued with the cucumbers and tomatoes, and since he likes to eat kilawin, he got himself a serving.

'te Marilou ordered these dishes, but I forgot from where. She bought the stuffed crabs and the lumpiang shanghai for the three of us to share, but of course we all shared our foods.

And because we got to eat a lot, we didn't eat dinner anymore.

*** Jenn ***


Zeee said...

oh looks yummy Jenn! :)

Unknown said...

i love fish kinilaw...especially in the provinces where they use the freshest fish. sarapppp!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenn, you never fail to make me hungry. Ang sasarap lagi ng features mo. :D

♥peachkins♥ said...

Naku,gusto ko yung stuffed crabs...

Happy FF!

Anonymous said...

gutom na ako nito!

happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

wow sarap nyan jenn, i like the grille chickenm and kilawin! that's what i call lunner (lunch and dinner)

Anonymous said...

wasn't a fun much of kinilaw, until a former officemate of hubby made them ... grabe, it was really sooo good and creamy (i think he added coconut milk)! love that stuffed crab over there ... nakakamiss!

thanks for playing again, Jenn
happy weekend

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